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Party Wall Services

Architectural design and party wall services resolve neighbourly disputes over shared boundaries, walls, and intersecting areas.

Expert Architectural Design Services for Planning Party Walls

You might need our assistance if your next architectural extension or new build project falls under the “line of junction” between your property and an adjacent building. According to the Party Wall Act 1996, your neighbours and adjacent property owners have the right to know about your renovation plans. That is because any form of refurbishment, extension, or conversion at your end can impact them. As party wall architecture, we will assist you with the best solutions.

What is the Party Wall Act?

The Party Wall Act can be a deciding factor for your architectural design plans. It’s a legal procedure instructing property owners to inform neighbours about construction and renovation plans. The Act applies to property disputes over party walls and shared boundaries that might get altered when you extend, convert, or renovate your property. Residential and commercial property owners are authorised to adhere to its rules and regulations. Building owners are permitted to share rights and responsibilities with adjoining owners (neighbours) to minimise disputes. At times these incidents can cause further party wall disputes that impede the progress of your project. It happens when your contractors and home improvement consultants overlook the architectural design aspect of party wall matters. Here’s where our party wall services come into play.

Our Architectural Planning and Advice Prevents Your Project from Turning into a Dispute

We don’t want your dream projects to crumble because of a petty dispute. Hence, we work with you to create legally compliant and well-regulated architectural designs. Our team supports your rights and protects your property during these complicated situations. Our planning consultants and architects for home and commercial spaces understand local authority requirements and building regulations in-depth. You can use our expertise to stay on the right side of the law without forgoing your aesthetically appealing architectural plans.

Advantages of Including Party Wall Services in Your Plan

Our architectural design company helps building owners think things through before committing to a costly project. Using our party wall services in Brentford will equip you with the expertise and resources required to counterparty wall challenges from an architectural design perspective. You can use our guidance and support to:

  • Identify problem areas and adjacent properties that fall under the Party Wall Act
  • Reassess your architectural design plans to comply with Party Wall laws
  • Give these neighbourly matters an artistic direction without breaking any laws
  • Prepare you for inevitable alterations in your original proposal

Aside from this, we can use advanced 3-D modelling techniques to visualise and present adaptable architectural design options that suit you and adjoining owners. In turn, this results in a highly effective, efficient, and customised plan.

Do you need more planning advice and assistance? Book a consultation to learn more about the importance of party wall services.

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