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architectural design company
Phase One

Share Your Vision

Every meeting starts with an introduction. We want to hear your ideas and aspirations for these projects before sharing our input. Clients can bring mood boards, colour palettes and rough sketches if they want us to create a specific aesthetic. Although this isn’t necessary, you can easily come in and discuss general specifics before we get to work.

Although this isn’t necessary, you can easily come in and discuss general specifics before we get to work.

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Phase Two

Logistic Thinking

Once you share your vision, we assess the situation to create SMART architectural design goals. Having well-defined objectives streamlines the process by giving third-party contractors a clear idea of how to construct and revamp your spaces.

Here’s a closer look at our proactive, goal-based plan:

  • Specific: We create an action plan to identify the variables and professionals involved in building your dream home or office.
  • Measurable: Our architects always provide quantifiable details to explain how size, budget, and construction time affect your desired schedule.
  • Achievable: We review our plans to ensure they are easy to follow for everyone involved.
  • Realistic: Do you have sufficient space for an extension? Can the loft realistically accommodate the design elements you requested? Sometimes, we scale back ideas to give them an attainable direction.
  • Time-bound: How much time does an architectural design project take? Instead of quoting numbers to appease you, we commit to manageable timelines. Our project coordinators will keep you in the loop and notify you of anticipated delays if necessary.
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Phase Three

Putting the Pieces Together

We share detailed drawings, technical details, and other relevant proposals for review. Our planning consultants and architects ensure that these plans align with everything discussed in previous meetings.

In addition to technical renditions, you can opt for our interior design and 3-D modeling services. We utilise advanced technology to help you visualise what your project will look like. This allows you to modify designs and details before construction begins. Consequently, these services help you save time and money that might otherwise be wasted due to last-minute alterations.