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PKY Ltd offers a bespoke experience for residential and commercial clients.

Collaborate with us to create modern, functional, adaptable, and customisable spaces.

Our architectural company offers the solutions needed to construct your dream home.

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Trusted Planning Consultants

PKY Ltd is your one-stop solution for all architectural needs


Planning Services

Our architectural design company serves a diverse clientele. We guarantee suitable planning services.

Building Regulations

With the help of professional architectural design in East London, your building projects are legally compliant & safe.

Interior Design

Our interior design and 3D modeling services create a functional space where you can work, play, and live luxuriously.

Party Wall Services

The Party Wall Act can be a deciding factor for your architectural design plans.
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Architectural Design

Three steps towards a successful project.

  • Your Vision
  • Logistic Thinking
  • Putting the Pieces Together
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Our talented team provides customised architectural design services for residential and commercial properties in London.

A Well-Defined Starting Point Lead to a Successful Completion

Whether you're designing your dream home, extending your current residence, or refurbishing your commercial space, we're here to assist you. Our team of experienced architects specialises in both residential and commercial projects. We collaborate closely with planning consultants, interior designers, and project managers to develop a personalised project plan tailored to your needs.

We conduct thorough logistical assessments of your spaces to ensure that our designs align with your budget and aesthetic preferences. Our flexible process allows us to make modifications to drawings and details based on your feedback, ensuring that the final result meets your expectations.

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Let’s Talk

Book a Consultation

Your search for bespoke architectural services ends here. Our customised approach and decisions are centred around your ideas and comfort. We recommend booking an initial consultation with our cooperative architects and building planners. These one-on-one discussions will lead to practical and picturesque outcomes.

Are you ready to start your dream project?